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On Monday 22 March the Iranian regime’s embassy in Stockholm was picketed by Swedish labour and socialist activists.

Iranian New Year’s day (21 March) is once again upon us. During the past nine months, while the world’s attention has been fixed on the massive street protests in Tehran and other cities of Iran, the appalling economic situation of Iranian workers has become even worse. The minimum wage announced for the New Year (1389) […]

On March 13 around 50 youths and workers, called by the Students’ Union and the Revolutionary Marxist Current, El Militante, gathered on the doorstep of the Iranian Embassy to denounce the repression that thousands of students and workers in Iran they have suffered in recent months. In recent years Iranian workers have staged major struggles […]

Saturday, 14 March 2010 An enthusiastic group of British trade unionists and IWSN activists gathered outside the Iranian regime’s embassy in London at 13:00 on March 13. After assembling on the other side of the road, where pickets are normally held, the protesters moved to the pavement outside the embassy to hold placards with slogans […]

As part of the widespread arrests of activists in Iran during the past few days Alireza Saghafi was arrested on Monday, February 1, 2010. He is a member of the Iranian Writers’ Association and a labour rights activist who was arrested on May Day 2009 in Tehran’s Laleh Park. Alireza Saghafi was summoned to appear […]


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