Shahrokh Zamani transferred to unknown location


shahrokhAccording to the Shahrokh Zamani Defence Campaign and other activists Shahrokh Zamani was returned to Rejai Shahr prison on April 14. During his transfer three guards beat him severely, causing bleeding in his ear and breaking his glasses.

He had demanded that he should be returned to hall 12 of Rejai Shahr, which is the wing where political prisoners are jailed. However, after a few hour in the main hall and the quarantine of the prison he was taken to hall 8 in wing 3, where ordinary and dangerous prisoners are incarcerated. He was interrogated for “causing a disturbance in jail”. He has resumed his hunger strike after he was transferred from Ghezel Hesar prison to this particular wing.

Shahrokh was later taken to an unknown location. His whereabouts and physical and psychological condition are of grave concern as he has already lost 22kg because of the 39-day hunger strike.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
19 April 2014

Shahrokh Zamani on hunger strike after transfer to Ghezel Hesar Prison

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