Reza Shahabi ends hunger strike


The following is based on the latest statement issued by the Reza Shahabi Defence Committee.


While in hospital on the 50th day of his hunger strike, Sunday July 20, Reza Shahabi was visited by Mr Khodabakhshi, the Tehran Prosecutor’s representative. With Reza’s wife present at his bedside, the Prosecutor’s representative declared that he agreed to Reza having medical leave and asked that Reza ends his hunger strike.

Reza had been admitted to hospital because of his deteriorating physical condition, including severe bleeding in the stomach, weight loss, numbness and many other physical problems.

Reza Shahabi, who had already been faced with many demands from friends, labour activists and many workers’ associations in Iran and abroad, then decided to end his hunger strike. He also said that if there is the slightest hold-up or change in granting him his medical leave then he will resume his hunger strike and would forgo the surgery he urgently needs.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
6 August 2014

Source: Reza Shahabi Defence Committee, Statement No. 75.

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