Solidarity Message to Turkish Metal Workers


The following is IWSN’s solidarity message to the Turkish metal workers.

We, the activists of Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network in Iran and exile, send our heartfelt solidarity to all striking Turkish metal workers.

We are outraged that the AKP government has slapped a 60-day “postponement” decree on your strike – effectively banning it! Once again the Justice and Development Party has clearly shown that the sort of “justice” and “development” that it defends and promotes are merely for the enrichment of Turkey’s capitalists.

Iranian workers, like their brothers and sisters in many parts of the world, have had no legal recognition to strike for decades. But despite this strikes still take place and in many cases lead to victories. This is because the right to strike is an absolute right and its denial is an attempt to force workers to go on working against their will. Such a crude way to suppress the working class is doomed to fail through class unity and boldness.

We wish you every success in your struggle and hope that ever wider numbers and sections of the Turkish working class join the fight against the bosses and their government.

Long live international workers’ solidarity!

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
23 February 2015

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