Teachers again protest in Tehran and other cities


Once again Iran’s teachers have had to protest against low wages and their low status compared to other state employees.

Earlier today, as part of their two-month-long campaign against low pay and pay disparity, hundreds of teachers protested outside the Iranian regime’s ‘parliament.’ In addition to the 600 teachers in Tehran, thousands more also demonstrated in various provinces throughout Iran, including Khorasan Razavi, Kurdistan, Khuzestan and Lorestan, Hormozgan, Fars and Qazvin.

One of the teachers’ slogans was: “We complain due to disparity, not poverty” (Ma az fargh minalim na az faghr) – a play on the words fargh (difference or disparity) and faghr (poverty). The teachers want an end to the pay discrimination they have endured for many years and are demanding the same pay as other state employees who have bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. They want their grades to rise and match those of other state employees.

One of the teachers gathered in Kermanshah, western Iran, told IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) that despite having a doctoral degree, his monthly salary of 1.4 million toman ($505) is much less than the pay of other state employees with a similar degree.

Some teachers have also protested against the low budget allocated to the Ministry of Education in 1394 (the New Year beginning on March 21). Although the health budget for next year is set to rise by 70 per cent, the education budget faces a budget deficit of 5 trillion tomans.

With even the underestimated official inflation rate standing at 16.2 per cent the teachers are demanding a pay rise higher than the 14 per cent announced by the Education Ministry.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
1 March 2015

Thousands of teachers go on a two-day strike across Iran

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