Rasoul Bodaghi, jailed teacher, sentenced to three more years after serving his sentence!


Rasoul Bodaghi, an activist teacher, has been condemned to a further three years in custody at the end of his jail sentence. He has therefore not been released from prison.

Rasoul BodaghiMr Bodaghi is one of the activists arrested during the 2009 protests in Iran. In September 2009 he was sentenced to six years in custody and has been held in prison since then. There are at least a further six teachers’ rights activists in the Iranian regime’s prisons.

Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Moghiseh, has now sentenced him to a further three years in jail.

Mr Bodaghi is a high school teacher in Eslamshahr, a town in Tehran Province. In addition to being imprisoned he was banned from any “social activity” for five years. Because of “absence [from work while in prison!], presence in teachers’ protest gatherings, activities against the [Islamic] system and action against national security” he was sacked by the Education Department of Tehran Province.

The Iranian regime is increasingly using the tactic of adding more years to a political prisoner’s sentence, when he or she is to be released, in an effort to create uncertainty and to dampen the social movements demanding rights for workers, women, national minorities, students and so on.

In December 2014 Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a teacher who had served four out of his five-year sentence, had his sentence increased to nine and a half years by a kangaroo court. He had been active defending workers’ rights and the rights of children – particularly child labourers.

Recently Bahareh Hedayat, a student and women’s right activist, was sentenced to a further two years after ending her sentence.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
23 September 2015

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