SADRA platform workers strike over five months’ unpaid wages


Around 150 contract workers at Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA) in Bushehr, southern Iran, stopped work and gathered in front of the contractor’s office to protest over five months’ unpaid wages.

For a number of months managers have been promising workers that they would be paid soon. Once wage arrears reached five months, however, about 150 of the 1500 contract workers working on platforms and rigs began a protest in front of the main door of the contractor’s office on the island.

A worker said that over the past 20 days SADRA workers have tried to resolve the issue peacefully but got nowhere. Although SADRA’s local managers have intervened to return workers to work but, as there is no indication about when they will be paid, the protesters have refused to resume work.

Workers complained that local managers in Bushehr have no say on pay and it is the head office in Tehran that can pay their wages.

At its peak SADRA used to employ about around 4000 workers, building ships, tankers, rigs and platforms and winning contracts in Germany, Belgium and Venezuela.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
23 November 2015

Source: ILNA

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