Half-hour strike by Asaluyeh Phases 20 and 21 contract workers


Around 300 contract workers in Phases 20 and 21 of Asaluyeh went on strike demanding four months’ unpaid wages and bonuses.

Asaluyeh, 2 January 2016

Asaluyeh, 2 January 2016 (C) ILNA

On the morning of Saturday January 2 around 300 contract workers began their protest by remaining in their dormitory and not going to work. They were technical and service workers employed by a tertiary or third-level contractor (i.e., a sub-contractor’s sub-contractor).

After the main contractor intervened, and promises about the payment of wages and bonuses owed to workers were made, the workers returned to work.

There have been many protests by contract workers in the Asaluyeh Special Economic Zone, in Bushehr Province (southern Iran), during the past few months.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network
3 January 2016

Source: ILNA

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