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Norman Lamont, the Conservative politician and pro-Pinochet campaigner, has been appointed by the Britain’s Tory government as its envoy in charge of developing trade with Iran’s dictatorship.*

The following is a message of condolence from Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UIDDER) in Turkey.

The Arçelik LG factory in Gebze produces air conditioning units. It is a joint venture between Koç Holdings, the biggest capitalist conglomerate in Turkey, and South Korea’s LG. The workers of Arçelik LG have been heavily involved in the struggles of the Turkish metal workers for genuine and independent trade unions. The following is IWSN’S […]

The struggles of the Turkish metal workers are developing rapidly. The following is IWSN’S solidarity message to them.

The following is IWSN’s solidarity message to the Turkish metal workers.


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