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On Wednesday February 11, the 36th anniversary of the 1979 revolution, a group of activists picketed the London embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The protesters included comrades from Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, the Free Shahrokh and Reza campaign, Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network and Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency (IRMT). The group also included members […]

Hundreds of nurses from the provinces of Tehran, Esfahan, Qom, Mazandaran and Gilan, gathered in front of the Presidential Office in Tehran on Sunday, December 14. They were demanding a meeting with the Iranian regime’s president, Hassan Rohani, so that they could bring their demands to his attention.

Picket outside the Iranian regime’s embassy on Friday July 25 at 18:00–19:30.

On Monday 22 March the Iranian regime’s embassy in Stockholm was picketed by Swedish labour and socialist activists.

On March 13 around 50 youths and workers, called by the Students’ Union and the Revolutionary Marxist Current, El Militante, gathered on the doorstep of the Iranian Embassy to denounce the repression that thousands of students and workers in Iran they have suffered in recent months. In recent years Iranian workers have staged major struggles […]


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